Wednesday, September 21, 2011

untitled #3

Trials are officially over. But we've got some minor tests to sit for. Anyhow, I guess I pass all my subjects for trials, obviously not with flying colors. And my favorite teacher lectured the whole class today for two full slots. And i guess she's right, how our unstable emotions can affect our focus so and so. Despite how i don't want to admit, but yes, it's written in my face literally that i'm really having the "time of my life" this month. Sigh.

And I'm wondering what about all those promises I've made to others and myself. It's true, being governed by emotion ups and downs more than often affects us in a devastating way. It exhaust you too. I know i'm never good at controlling my emotions, I let it get to me all the time. And i bet it's pretty tiring to everyone around me. Because it's killing me. Trust me, it's striving, having to control all these unstable emotions. It's not like you can do anything about it. Unless you're really good at keeping it at bay, which means you're wise and .. well .. matured. I'm not. In so many ways, I'm not mature, nor am I wise. 

I recently read about over thinking from an excerpt of an article. And then another short article that says, people over think about some thing because they really care. 

I'll try and not crush my heart into pieces okay ? =)



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