Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven(x6) and Less Than 3

Howdy earthlings !

It's 11.11.11 ! Yesterday was "someone's" birthday. My friends and I planned a surprise birthday attack for him. :D The original plan was a different one ! But the NUBB went and ruined my plan ! So, using the idea his sister gave, we planned out another one ! Haha, i guess we managed to surprise him. =) He's so cute. Heh.

I'm such a failure to the point that I seriously can't figure out what he might like as a birthday gift. I wanted the dooodolls keychain as a gift. But unfortunately, they phased out. So, I made him a scrapbook - collection of his pro-flirting skills and his epic candid shots. And I let slipped that i was making a scrapbook. He thought it was for some other guy. HAHAHA ! (Well, I have to admit I misled him into thinking so :D)

#the cover :D

And when I gave it to him in his class, he was like.. "OMG .. scrapbook guy ? Me ?" "Yeah laa, you la, you NOOB ! Who else can it be !" "Lame la you.. " Sigh .. :'( he said I'm lame.. tsk tsk tsk.. ! (my memory is DAMN GOOD !) The scrapbook comes along with a CD i burnt containing some .. uhm songs that I find .. meaningful for.. us ? I did a CD cover TOO .. but .. it's best i dont show it here. I find it very scary and well .. SCARY. Actually, when i think back .. I'm lame ain't I ? ._.

Well, it's 11.11.11 ! six elevens and everyone is fussing  excited about it. Uhm, guess, it's REALLY rare. So, make a wish tonight at 11.11 p.m in case you missed out this morning's. Oh yeahh .. uhm, regarding some readers asking me a question previously .. well, I've got the answer now ?


Right, I know I can't do anything nowadays when it comes to me and him without causing any troubles. I didn't mean any harm and I'm sorry. But HELL ! I will try not to be upset about it ! ._.


Anyways, stuff like this aside, STPM is just like a week away and MUET too. So, please understand my upcoming long hiatus. :D And I've really have to say thank you to my loyal stalkers readers that come reading my blog every now and then even my contents are getting more and more boring.(It's never interesting) 

I promise I'd come back with more interesting stuff to blog about, but first, i need a more decent camera than just my "stupid" phone's camera. *looking around for volunteers*

Right. So, wish me good luck for my exam okay ! =)

Good luck to all exam candidates too ! :D Especially my favorite blogger ShuWen ! 



P/s : I've got a boyfriend now and he's super awesome :D


  1. Congrats!! :D Stay sweet with him. I'm sitting for muet too on the 19th T_T and all the best for your stpm!

  2. Thanks ! You are ? :) Good luck !! and thanks again :)

  3. happy belated birthdae to him :) it's so sweeeet of you!

  4. Lol CONGRATS!!! Ahahahahaa I loved your idea, it's not dumb at ALL. Good luck on your stpm, I feel your pain....spm and all. Oh yeah and in response to your previous comment, my brother's 16 lol. Does he look his age?

  5. All the best in STPM! I've been through that. Never wanna go through it again :P

    And your header reminds me of Bisou cupcakes! How did you do it?


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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