Saturday, January 21, 2012

Confession of a NON-shopaholic

Hello loyal readers !

A fat face friend complained about the lack of updates on this blog and accuse me for being lazy. I owe my loyal stalkers readers an explanation I guess ? Lol. 

I've been busy for the past couple of days, weeks .. I lost count, because Chinese New Year is so close and I've got a lot of love letters to write to my fans ! No, really. My mom makes love letters for Chinese New Year every year and suddenly, this years' orders rocketed and being a good daughter as I am .. I lent her my hands :D

#love letters a.k.a kuih kapit

So yeah .. terrible shortage of stock and so many orders. Besides being busy with love letters, I went job hunting every now and then too. I don't suppose you want me to bore you out with all my job hunting babbles and ramblings on my boring daily life do you ? 

After meeting all those crazy orders, I'm finally freed from the heat and poisonous charcoal smell ! Oh yeah, the reason why people fancies my mom's love letters is she uses a special recipe. It taste really different and I can guarantee you that you can't find it elsewhere. Lol. 

The reason why I'm blogging now is not because I wanna brag about how fast selling those love letters are. NO ! Of course not. 

The reason I blog is ... I FINALLY have something to blog about ! *happy tears* Lol. Because after my mom and I were freed from the love letters, we get to go shopping with my Mummy ! :D (It's a rather confusing story so just pretend you know that My mom and mummy is both my mother and entirely different human being but NO ! They don't share the same husband, MIND YOU !) 

And mummy brought along this little monsta ! :D

#Nicholas :D

If you're a loyal stalker, you may have read about him in some of my posts. Yeah ! He's my eldest sister, Labelle's son :D Two years old now and here is an animation I made with photos Labelle posted on facebook.

He can talk quite fluently in Cantonese and walk around as he likes. Bad temperament just like his mom. Little guy needs to do things his own way ! And he's like a typical boy. Super likes car and lorries. :D Tell me if he's simply adorable, super cute or just plain awesomely handsome.

Since I said I went shopping .. so let's veer back to my intended topic. Truth be told, I'm not really a hardcore shopper. Barely a shopaholic. Like this time I went shopping, I just bought 5 piece of tops/dresses, a pair of jeans, leggings and a bag. Is that a lot ?! Lol. I don't shop around the clock .. puh-leaseeee !

I don't usually buy clothes during outings. Well, maybe some basic tees so .. above stated ain't that much right ? :D And another point is .. I don't go after branded stuff yet ! (Hint : I'm a very supportable girlfriend ;) ) I only buy basic tees and tops from some minor brands. *sob*

Let's take a look at what I've brought home along with some self shot photos *shy :D

#Floral lacy dress

When I saw this floral dress, I was like .. Omaigod, I must have it !!!

#skinny jeans 

It was a long time since I bought jeans ! ._.

#Pink net top with my jeans
 I can be cool ! *troll face*

#Vintage + korean ?

This should be a top because it's too short to be a dress or even blouse. Seems like it doesn't look good on me ? ._.

#Coffee dress

This is actually the first dress I bought that day ! It's lacy too and I love it. =)

#Printed top

I heart this shirt super much for the wordings ! I find it really nice :)

#PDI Basic tees :)

And last but not least, I finally bought a new bag after saying I want a new bag for god knows how long. But this time it's a sling bag. 

I must confess that, I'm really not a shopaholic at all. Lol. Clothes are okay, but when it comes to bags and shoes .. I'm super picky. I take a very very long time to finally find my perfect bag and shoe. And I didn't manage to buy any new shoes for CNY ! ._.

Right, so I guess this is more or less what I've got to say in this post. After shopping, the next day which was yesterday, I cleaned my room and my brother's room for Chinese New Year. I maintain cleaning my room every now and then and my brother never bother cleaning. But, his room is easier to clean wtf ! 

You can imagine how very tired I am. Not as tired as my mom and mummy though. Besides following me around shopping, they had to chase after Nicky. Lol.

Till the next post then ! :)

Lots of love,


(p/s : Happy Chinese New Year in advance in case I didn't update after this.)


  1. i love the floral lacy dress alot! :D so nice. where did you buy it?

    Latest: Largest CNY Event Ever!

  2. Haha! the baby is so cute!! and, wish u a happy CNY! ^^

  3. After reading your post only i know its called kuih kapit, i always thought it was kuikapek. LOLOLOL LOVE THE FLORAL LACY DRESS ! :D


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