Saturday, July 21, 2012

the longer, the shorter.

It's been so long since I last updated. Yet, I'm gonna keep this short. I guess nothing is more disappointing then always coming back and finding this blog without any interesting updates ?

It's old news, but I reckon my blog ought to know. I got accepted to a local university. Thankfully, it's near. So near that I can walk back. No, just kidding.

I'm in some kind of dilemma now. Feeling wise. I'm excited because Uni life is about to start. But I'm also upset because I  have to resign from my current job. Truth be told, I already hand in my resignation letter. So, it's official. But, I'm gonna miss this place so much. If you ask me, I love this job. The feeling of accomplishment I get from this job, how the office always burst into laughters. It's not easy to find a job where you are literally eager to go to every morning. 

I feel sorry that I could not stay until August. Not even the middle of August even though they asked me to. 


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