Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fragile Life...

31st August 2010 marks the darkest day of a family. A schoolmate of mine passed away after a severe asthma attack. I was so taken aback when May San told me; Winnie, from my class passed away yesterday. I took a few seconds to figure out who she meant. I’m not close to her. Just a hi-bye friend. She was a tall girl with long hair and a in my opinion a rather boyish character. When I was told that she passed away, I felt sorry for her family and also for her loss… Yes, her loss! She, like me and my other friends are just eighteen. The age where possibilities are everywhere around us but her rights to all these possibilities and her own life are being taken away once and for all! Her seat would forever be vacant. We’ll no longer see her waiting for bus at the bus stop with us. There will be someone missing in her group of friends walking pass my class to the toilet. This somehow reminds me the importance of appreciating life while we’re still at it.

To smile while I can, cry while I still have the chance and love while my heart still beats. We never know what’s coming next. Really, we should take hold of every chance we have. How worst can an outcome be when death is waiting for us no matter what? Screw up your exam? Rejected by someone? At least you’ve tried! If you die the next moment after you’ve given it a try, you’ll have one thing less to regret about your life!  But if it’s the other way around, you’ve got nothing! NOTHING at all! You have no rights to say you can’t without even trying as you are the one living, not the one dead! You’re still breathing, you still have a tomorrow!

Don’t wait till everything’s too late to even feel sorry, live like you’re dying.

Life’s too fragile for you to say you can’t…


4.18 pm

1st of September 2010

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