Thursday, September 9, 2010

WE move on. WE change.

I went to the Book Fest at KLCC. It was nice. I bought six novels in a row completing my Jane Austen’s collection. Hehe… includes To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. Like I said… I’m going through classics lately! It’s been a really long time since I met Nandini… And we came to the conclusion that both of us changed a lot. Mentally I guess.

Everyone and everything’s changing. We’re no longer as crazy like we used to. Maybe I’m not in the mood but it’s definitely not because we’re running out of topics. Like she said, she no longer feels like being the one who’s doing all the talking. I guess both of us would rather be a listener now. Everything’s changing and people moves on. To me, the main reason everyone drifts apart is they're leading a way too different lifestyles and they no longer have anything in common. She seems upset by this and I told her: You’ve got two choices. A) Leave me and move on. B) Move on with me. Honestly, I think changes and moving on are no big deal if we’re doing it in the same frequency, doing it together. There are saying that goes this way; distance kills relationships. I think that it all depends on how thick is the bond in that relationship. Since we’re miracle twins, I doubt that our friendship will be that fragile.


There’s one thing I want you to know. It’s really easy being with you. Not like with my any other friends, I feel belonged when I’m with you. Though, you’re really irritating sometimes! LOL… Like we always say: We have so many things in common yet we’re so different from each other. And we think in the same wavelength don’t we? We never know what might happen next like I always say, we will enjoy while we’re still at it. I love you and am working hard to keep our friendship go on forever. We’ll change together. We’ll move on together! XOXO



You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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