Saturday, December 17, 2011

the last battle, finally.

Greetings, earthlings !

Ahh, yes. My exams already ended. Actually, the last day of me exam was 14 of December, a couple of days back. But I was kinda busy with clearing up my books and catching up with my sleeps, cleaning my dust covered room, so and so .. No time to blog, and no mood to blog too !

Anyways, my last two papers were General Studies and Bahasa Malaysia, both paper 1, both objective papers. And right before General Studies, the duckie clan came to my house to do some so called last minute study. LOL !

But eventually, we've gotten so bored, i guess, and turned them into our barbie dolls !

 #Ain't that cute ? 

#All my hair clips.

So yeah, did some last minute studying for the life taking General Studies before the actual paper. I was anticipating some excitement right after my last paper. But it ended up like .. nothing special. Not much joy. 

Guess what I did the first thing right after my last paper .. I had Baskin Robbins with Nan, she picked me up, and it was a rainy Wednesday. And I made her bring me to the nearest Watsons available in this pathetic little suburban and bought my box of Veet waxing strips. >:D

And the next day, I woke up at about 12 something and I cleared up all my books. Took that out of my "trunk" and stacked them into piles. Most of my books, hopefully, will be selling to my junior. 

#Some of the books.

And after that, I went to the town's hospital with my mom and ran some errands around town. I've been ditching my mom for exams leaving her to run those bank errands on her own. Now that I'm free, no more excuses ! ><

Later that night, I attended a post STPM celebration at my friend's house with the noob. It was steamboat base and yeah, had a little fun I guess. Here are some photos :

#the nubiee chang :D

 #the host

 #LOL ! Soapy <3 

 #Don't mind my duck-like face but he looks good in this :) 

#Group photo, spot me :D

So yeah, that was my first day of "freedom" ! And the very next day which was yesterday, I spent the whole day cleaning my room. I didn't had time to spare to clean my room in preparation for STPM, so I had to like really bear with those dust even it was pretty obvious to the naked eye. 

And I'm allergic to dust ! FML. I had to pack away my school uniforms too.

 #My school uniforms =)

And yes, ever since I've moved in, I don't remember showing my room in my blog, or did I ? Never mind, I'll show it now since I've cleaned up my room pretty well !

 #My SINGLE bed :D (No, I'm not Angry bird fans, but maybe my mom is ? LOL)

#And this is my working space. Study, online, blog whatever, here it is. 

So that's basically how I spent my days after ending my exam. Pretty lifeless if you ask me. 

Now that my exam has ended, there are a few things that I want to do.

1. Wait for STPM result that I'm sure it sucks.
2. Find a job to fill up my frigging long holiday or for the rest of my life. (In the event that my result sucks to the point that not a single university accepts me.) 
3. Go on a getaway with my friends. Damn it, I want a getaway.
4. Well, this is in my Mich List , but still, I NEED A CAR :3 So yeah. A car.
Well, I guess that's something more or less about what I want and wanna do. Anyways, I'm crossing out something from my list now :D teehee !

So, December was here and is leaving. But don't worry, I doubt this will be my last post of 2011. I guess, I'll still have some stuff to post before 2011 really ends, so, this ain't my summary of the grand 2011 even it's a tad bit too long.

Alright. See you around soon ! :D



P/s : I'm free nowww !!! FREEEEE ! DATE ME 8D 


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