Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my scarlet letter #2

Greetings, earthlings !

#The kiss that missed

*skip this part if you don't watch Glee*

Apparently, I've just finished watching Glee Season 2 ! Yea, I know I'm slow, outdated, blah blah AND blah. But guys, I've got STPM to study all day and night for ! Lol, technically. ;) So yeah, the series was cool with those bunch of hotties covering hit songs and all. But, to me, Finn was a complete jerk to Rachel Berry. But in the end, she still wants him back, what the fish ? He has been hurting her and all, but well, when love is in the equation, nothing makes sense right ?

Right, enough of the gleebabble. 2012 is just four sleeps away ! Watching the last episode of Glee Season 2 makes me wanna write a 2012 version of my scarlet letter ! Lol, ignore the title. 

I can't say that this year is not an eventful year, many things happened .. but .. not that eventful. 

Grandma didn't make it and she left us .. that's the first thing that hits my family and I at the end of this year's January. It was somehow expected .. and well, she must be in much better place right now. And Chinese New Year this year wasn't celebrated cause we were mourning. Despite she might not have been the best grandmother, but sometimes .. her absence is so deadly that I really miss her. 

And then it was school activities. The reason I enter Form Six was to catch up what I've missed during my secondary school. And I did it, be active in extracurricular activities ! I held literally several positions and worked through some paper works. It was great and I had fun. Don't get me wrong, I don't crave for power. Lol. But the funny fact is, I never held any positions throughout my secondary life. I don't even give a damn about any activities that's beside class hours. But I had my go during Form Six. 

Form six is all about studies some activities every now and then and exams and test. Not to mention crazy moments with friends.

And then .. I had my first graduation ceremony.

#epic candid shot !

Speaking of graduation, yeah .. my friend and I had to spend enormous amount of time to come out with a graduation video, wtf. But thank god, people, well students, end up liking it. 

#Duck clan +1 -1

I just realized we don't have a proper photo of the 5 of us together ._. Good time together with them :) 

I can't say we've been through a lot, but things always worked out for us and hopefully, it still will and always will ! xoxo

Above all, I've FINISHED MY STPM, wtf ! High school has never been this satisfying. Lol. At least I've crossed some stuff out on my Mich list :D

And next year seems more than promising. Well, one is not suppose to get her hopes high. But really, there's a lot to expect next year. I won't reveal what it is but you'll have to keep stalking me to know more ! It'll hopefully be an eventful year what with STPM results, university intake(given that i got accepted, keep me in your prayers) and YESSSSS ! A SUPER DUPER BIG SURPRISE ! 

I'm still in the job hunting phrase. Hell, looking for a job when you're car-less is super not easy ! Anyone kind enough to donate me their unwanted car ? Lol. 

I don't know if this is my last post. But it probably is for this year. I'll come up with my new year resolution next year ! Hahaha.

Thanks for staying with me.



p/s : how was your 2011 ? Coming out with a summary and new year resolution ? Post your link to me :D


  1. Love your 2011 sum up post, I'm still thinking if I should write one HMM I'll definitely stalk to know what's the BIG surprise! Happy New Year in advanced, babe (:

  2. Haha ! Glad you loved ! :) Yes please, faster write one :D I'd wanna read, yours must be tremendously long :3 Happy new year in advance to you too ! ;)


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