Sunday, December 25, 2011

of christmas and monthsary

Merry Christmas, earthlings !

#Meet Fattie the snowman :D and Avalanche the penguin !

Ho ho ho ! Merry Christmas, peeps ! This years' Christmas ain't as lively as last years' but guess what ! The guy came to my house to deliver my Christmas present ! Lol lol lol ! This snowman is cute and .. yeah, funny ! :D 

We were choosing a present for our friend and a cruel fact dawned upon him that he hasn't got me any gifts ever since our relationship started and thus, the snowman. OTL I thought it was a penguin :3 Tell you what, the noob is super good at self-reflect ! One second, he was criticizing someone else, the next .. he realized real FAST that he too has the same problem ! LOL (don't worry if you don't get it ! You're just dumb. It's a private joke.) I'll get him a post Christmas present. Yeah .. what a fail girlfriend right, didn't prepare anything as a Christmas gift ! (It's not a tradition for me :3)

As I told the guy I'm blogging about him, I suppose he expects a WHOLE blog post dedicated to just him ! :P 

#It's our two monthsary.

It's two month already since we are officially together. Two month is not really that long .. so I'm looking forward to a bigger milestone ! Heh. =)

How was your Christmas Eve and Christmas celebration ?



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