Monday, February 13, 2012

She will be loved.

Greetings earthlings !

I'm not sure if you guys still remember that I've mentioned in previous entries that this year will be an eventful year and full of surprises ? So here comes the first one ..

*round of applause*
*standing ovation*

So yeah, for the past couple of days, weeks, months, I've lost count. Lol. The wedding was being prepared. Wedding photo shooting, buying a whole lot of stuff, this, that, my sister and my brother in law was crazily busy. For my part, I just had to think of games and prepare the props, game list, blah blah and blah. And bug the band. Lol. 

To everyone, it was sudden. But truth be told, to me, it seems okay. Tell you what : A woman, she's ready to get married all the time,anytime. It's just the matter of finding the right and perfect guy for her. And my sister found hers, so she got married. 

This kind of sudden decision, people often jumps into conclusion that the bride must have been knocked up. Honestly ? Why do you even care if she really got knocked up or not ? If she is, they are getting married, big deal ! If not, they still ARE getting married, so BIG DEAL ! My point is, well .. it really isn't your business to mind because when someone tells you they are getting married, the first thing that should come across your mind is, god bless you, congratulations :)

Being erratic as she was and probably will always be, through those ups and downs she's been through. Those heartbreaks and tears she had and finally found my brother in law, she's not lucky .. she deserves every bit of it. Because she has faith in her love life. Those happy tears she cried in those last days before her marriage is enough to compensate those sad tears she had before she found my BIL ! 

The wedding reception was on 11 of February and the wedding dinner was on 12 of February. Please bear with these photos as it is not enough to tell the whole magical story. I was busy and had no time to take photos. Those photos my brother took are either blur or pointless .. ! Though photographers were hired, I'm not sure if I can manage to post some of it here. So for the time being, bear with these ! :)

#kissing the bride !

The games were easy. One of the grooms-maids said so himself when we were chatting at my BIL's house. The first thing they had to do was bumping, then eat some crackers spread with wasabi. I made them read tongue twister while munching those crackers. And then blindfolded the groom and made him apply lipstick on his grooms-maids. Then they had to burst some balloons and find puzzle pieces for my BIL to solve. The last one was actually my favorite ! Lol. Threw my house key into a bucket of ice and made them find it with their bare legs ! Tee hee. Sorry for the lack of photos on the games. I guess my brother must be laughing his XXX off and can't take any pictures, wtf.

#hopefully this video can compensate ! Lol. BIL is a banana btw. 
 #the heng dai and zi mui

#the other half of the group pic .. lol !

#heng dai gang ! 

#zi mui tug-bride-war
#pulling ears !

And after the reception, there was party held at BIL's house. That was when I first saw a blogger friend, Kyuo in person. I was waiting for my aunt to use the toilet and he was sitting there at the sofa .. eating or doing what's not. And I was like, this guy looks familiar. But I didn't had the courage to asked him on the spot, so I thought it must be a mistake !

And the next day, night to be precise was the wedding dinner !!

#tadah ! i've been waiting to see that two word Fene Ng stuck on stage for quite sometime now :)

#me in my bridesmaid dress, i look like a hobbit .___.

#my mom and i ! (in heavy make ups.)

 #me and the dearest

 #the brother and me

 #lol lol .. pretending to play the electronic guitar

#practicing ? lol

My brother didn't take any photos of the bride and the groom during the dinner. Sorry bout that.

The wedding dinner was awesome and my BIL's brother gave a very nice speech and toasted. The live band was good too. Though at some point there are flaws nonetheless they did a good job. Am proud of my friends. :D 

Lol, and guessed what, we somehow managed to get eh newly wed couple to dance an upbeat song on stage. My brother took a photo but i looked like shit, so no way im posting it here ! :P Hopefully Kyuo has some ? Oh yeah, I saw him again at the dinner and i finally walked up to him and asked if he's the Kyuo i think i know. When he was figuring out who i am, I was like Damn, this guy don't know me. That will be really embarrassing but thank god he managed to remember my name. Lol.

[Updated]Right .. here are some photos Kyuo sent me ! So kind :')

 #he took photos of the band

 #candid shots of the group dancing

 #don't ask me what that guy beside me is doing ! ==

 #fail wave dance

 #my sis' epic expression

So yeah, my sister has moved into an all new different phase of her life. Living with another family, being a part of them. It won't be easy. But it won't be impossible. As life goes on, we learn things, and her new lesson in life has just begin to unfold. 

Fene, you tubelight, if you're reading this ..

I'm truly, sincerely and really happy that you've finally found the guy .. the one that manages to quicken your heartbeat. The one that you'll be spending for the rest of your life. It's hard to believe that the girl who screams at the sight of Edward Cullen is now someone else's wife. In the future, a mom. But for all I know, you'll do great like you always did. A good wife, a good daughter-in-law, a good sister-in-law and also the best mother one could find.

Oh, by the way, the make up artist and photographer hired by my sister was really awesome ! I think i can introduce them to you if you've got any event that needs them ! :)

#photo taken from Fene's facebook.




  1. lol they seems like kissing so hard! LOL anyway, happy wedding to ur sis! =D when is ur turn? =p


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