Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random facts about ze blogger

And so .. I was tagged by Charissa for some kind of blog award. A big thank you to her for giving me another reason to spill some rubbish here and make sure you check out the hot chic's blog ;) It says from her blog that I need to put down 7 facts about myself and pass it on to other bloggers. So .. here it is I guess.

One. I'm pretty much sure that my friends know about this. I'm freaking scared of spiders. Fatal at sight. And cats too, just not as bad.

2 - I love almost anything that has caramel. From popcorn to cakes, sweets to drinks .. anything with caramel is just awesome.

Three. I always think it's better to find someone older to be your other half. Well, I personally think that the older a guy is, the better. Not too old, not more than than ten years. Yes, I said ten years. I'm mad like that. I don't mind a relationship where the guy is younger .. but I'll never want one ever again.

4 - I've always wanted to get married before 25. *shrugs* Chance is getting slimmer and slimmer.

Five. My teeth are not nice. They are not nicely arranged at the lower row, and I've got buck teeth. But I still smile the nicest smile. Just kidding. But I'm not planning on getting braces. Like seriously.

6 - I'm superstitious. I believe in spirits and karma, etc. And I believe in everything my mom tells me to do and not to do because I believe in the consequences ! I also believe that there's a God for everyone, religion aside.

Seven. I'm a book freak. I'm not a hardcore bookworm, but I believe that I'm almost the insane level when it comes to books. I must wrap them up before I can read them and every book deserves a bookmark ! I don't like lending books to people unless I know you very very well. And 6 is my lucky number but I'm beginning to like 7(totally random I know).

That's it. Seven random facts about me.

And now, I'm passing this award on to these hotties !

Being Hildaladida by Hilda

Peekashu by  Shuwen

Miss N's Circle Of Life by Anne

Check their awesome blog out !




  1. Noted! :P I'll think of something cool and awesome HEHE

  2. opps, it's gonna be another busy day for me. wow, you planned to married that early. just got to know from kyuo that ur sister got married. congratz.



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