Thursday, March 8, 2012

I did it ! Gloriously.

Hello, readers ! The blogger has got some good news for you ! =)

The long waited and anticipated result is out. Finally. Thank goD I was able to fall asleep the night prior the release of my STPM result. When I woke up, I was like .. this is it. My mom was supposed to send me to school to get my result at 12. But she had to send the car to adjust the alignment and thus delayed the time a wee bit. 

My heart felt like it was about to jump out of my rib cage when the time showed it was 12. I logged into the MPM site to check my result online but it was so clogged, it won't even load. So I used the SMS way instead. They kept telling me that they have got no records. When my mom finally got home to pick me up, I tried again. This time, they did not reply. When I reach my friend's house to pick her up, I've got the message, finally. The message was simple, subject codes with my grades. I screamed, and my mom got lost in my friend's housing area. Lol. It was good news.

You might think I'm crazy. But I still didn't quite believe it. I was getting more and more nervous when we reach my school. I got down and saw some of my former classmates holding the result slip. I was so very glad when I saw my favorite teacher sitting at a table labeled with my class' tag. Lol. When she handed me the sealed slip, my heart was pounding. Even though I already checked it via message ? Yes. She let my friend and I open our results in front of her. I took one glance at it ..

Oh my god ! I DID IT !!!! 3 A'S AND ONE  B !
(1 A, 2 A-, 1 B-)

It was so much better than I expected ! Really. I never thought I'd get this. I know for most of you it's not superb, but to me .. it's really enough. I don't need to be really perfect. I'm glad and thankful. I did not fail my teachers, I did not fail my family ! And above all, I did not fail myself ! I expect to get an average CGPA of 2.0 more or less. But it came out 3.5 ! Tell me I'm not dreaming !! It still seem a tad bit surreal !

After all those worries and sleepless nights, it's finally here. I'm thankful for the choice I made and grateful for what I've got. I finally did not let my ego get in the way ! 

Thank you so much for all those kind wishes. 

To all those Sixth Formers batch of 2011, all the best from now on. It doesn't matter whether you excel or not. You still need to take that one step to start moving on. No more procrastinating in deciding your future. Maybe it's time for you to grow up and make up your mind about what and how you want your future to be and not follow your friends or letting ego get into your way either. We're turning 20. How many more 20 years do you think we've still got ? 

Before I sign off, I've got a note to INTI college who just today, sent me an email that goes ..

Bitch, please ! Make sure you got the right email address !

All the best guys ! 





  1. I'm happy for you! :D Congratssss! What course are you planning to go for?

  2. Thanks guys !!
    @hilda : Not sure yet but most probably will go for english or mass comm

    @xueren : I know right ! Way to goo ! :)

  3. hey congrats! i'm now waiting for my SPM results coming this end month. nervous :(


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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