Monday, March 19, 2012

of charm bracelets and drinks

Hello, readers !

#Fact8 about ze blogger, I'm fond of charm bracelet. Ever since I read The Lovely Bones by Amelia Sebold, I fell in love with the idea of charm bracelets and have always thought of getting one. And then, I came across with this shop called Vintage 1988 ! They sell all sorts of accessories with different kind of vintage charms. And guess what ? I can customize my own bracelet with all sorts of charms. 

I've been to this shop several times, but funny thing is, I never manage to customize my charm bracelet. But like I said in one of my previous post, my sister bought me a princess necklace with a miniature merry-go-round charm from this shop, I was so happy ! Then, it happened that last Saturday, the bestie asked me out after work and we dropped by Mid Valley. She loves vintage stuff too and I brought her to that shop. And guess what ? I've finally got my very own customized charm bracelet ! *happy tears*

We both made one and paid for each other. Lol. 

Both bracelet has got a coin-like pendant thing. Initially, I wanted both of us to have live your dream, but for some reason, the bestie wants hers to be live,laugh,love ! :)

#This is hers !

#this is mine !

Wanna know why I love charm bracelets ? Because every little charm on your bracelet mean something to you. And each symbolizes something ! So, it's very personal. You see those charms in these two bracelets, they seem unrelated to each other and random. That's because you're not me. This little thing bears my thoughts and .. somehow, it's like a chunk of who I am. Lol. Wanted to explain what each of them mean to me, but now I think I should keep it undisclosed. 

And then, after buying this and feeding our tummy, we followed her sister to a club. Lol, truth be told, it's ze blogger's first time to be in a club. But thank god, the club was more like a pub. Not those typical disco club but still a club. Lol. Whatever. 

#pre-clubbing camwhoring

#drinks in hand, say cheers !

#red like a tomato

Not gonna tell if I was drunk. Lol. But I still sort of embarrassed myself. Damn. Sigh.

Anyway, now that I think of it, I know why it was only until then that I finally get myself a charm bracelet. Yes, I've been there a few times. But never with the right person. A right person as in, someone that really know me and .. will always do crazy stuff with me. Not just do with me but also put up with my craziness. And still understands my craziness. 

There are seven charms, besides the coin-like pendant, we chose a charm for each other, a charm that we think best represents each other. And we paid for each other. Haha .. and I was called ritualistic, wtf. Lol. But yeah. Besides my family, she's the only one by far that can really put up with all my craziness. When i say all, I mean really all. Listen to my decision, supports it if talking me out of it doesn't work. Watch me fall, stayed with me and pulled me up. Friends are like stars, you can't always see them, but they are always there. She's the brightest star I think I'll ever have in my life. 

If you're reading this,

Thanks for always, always being there. I'm lucky and happy to have you in my life. I've said that all the time and is saying it and will still be saying it. Our friendship is matured. You realize that don't you that it is matured ? We don't call all the time. I think there were even time when we never had the time to talk for a month, but still, it's still there, our friendship. It's like a child that is now old enough to take care of itself. It doesn't need attention. But it's still doing fine. By the end of this year or even the middle of this year, we're gonna be really go on our own paths. I hope our friendship stays this way. We don't have to call all the time, talk all the time .. but when we talk, we really talk ! I'm sure I'll really miss you a lot ! Not everyone understands me like you do. The charm you picked explains a lot. You're a classmate, a schoolmate, hangout kaki, bestfriend and above all, a sister I never had. 

I'll always remember what we talked about in Mid Valley last Saturday about our friendship, will you ? :)




  1. I love charm bracelet and yours there is so beautiful. You are blessed to have a special friend in your life and may your friendship lasts for a long long time :)

  2. aww! such a lovely charm there! :D

  3. love making charm bracelets...actually making my own accessories. been so busy that i haven't made anything yet this year. aaargh!

  4. Merryn : Thanks ! :)Yesss .. I'm so blessed !

    Xueren : hehe ! Go make one yourself :)

    Missyblurkit : really ?? I'll like to see some of them, that's so cool ! :D


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