Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wake me up when September comes !

Greetings, earthlings !

It felt like it was only yesterday when I saw someone posted "Wake me up when September ends" as their facebook status on the first day of September itself. Back then, I can't wait for September to end. Can't wait for STPM to end. Right now, September couldn't come faster. Lol.

I wish I can slip into hibernate mode and wake up when September comes. Yes, wake me up when September comes. Why September you ask ? Lol. It's the intake of local public universities ! This is funny. I seriously never given much thought about this year, thus, did not expect that this year is full of waiting .. and anticipating.

Ugh. This sucks. I don't care, I'll hold on to this job until September comes. Going into university needs to spend a lot ! Sigh. Yet, I still haven't decide whether I should apply for USM or not. #Fail.

That photo shows a necklace bought by Fene for me ! :D From my favorite charm bracelet shop, Vintage 1988 ! It's a miniature merry-go-round charm ! Super love it. And that bear .. Lol, he just happens to be there, like seriously. His name is Coco Chanel. Lol. Sissy name.

And there's this app that is gathering fame recently called Draw Something. I was wondering what is it since I was a big fan of facebook game Draw My Thing but couldn't care less to download it. But then again, a very friendly and nice uncle asked me to download it because HE himself downloaded it due to "peer pressure" .. so yeah, in short .. I downloaded and installed it ... and it's really Draw My Thing but .. forever alone version. Lol. Since no one is willing enough to play Draw My Thing with me in facebook nowadays, so yeah .. I can play Draw Something ! #ForeverAlone

#Draw My Thing forever alone version 

I miss playing Draw My Thing with my friends. Always laugh like mad .. Sigh, memories. But if you're in a long distance relationship, this can be super fun to play with your other half like seriously ! I remember we played (I mean my friends and I .. well yeah, my ex too) this game even when we were having trials. And every time I emo, Yin han and Koh will always play it with me and I'll literally LMAO ! Sigh. Memories !

Yes, this is just another rambling post with no special purpose at all .. just wanna, you know .. say something .. !

Till then.



p/s : I'm gonna go sleep. Wake me up when September come. Oh wait, wake me up when August comes.


  1. You should apply for USM! It's one of the top local uni, so why not?

  2. hoho i love to play draw my thing too! but someone said it sounds dirty! =.=

  3. Time flies and it is too late if you only wake up when September came.


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