Friday, May 4, 2012

thoughts, minds

It has been a while, hasn't it ? I get lazy .. but I never get bored. Blogging, I mean. I should be sleeping since tomorrow's my interview at UM. Yeah. I got a call from UM to attend this interview tomorrow. Instead of sleeping, I'm here rambling.

I love words. Language aside, it's a mirror to one's mind. Like a door to someone else's thoughts. Catching a glimpse into someone else's life tells you how the world doesn't revolves around you and only you. Even if it's just a short glimpse or say .. unethical. Funny how different life can be with different perspectives. Funny how the world seems to be another world that is not like yours in someone else's point of view.

Don't worry. I didn't manage to possess any special ability to read minds. Just came across with a masterpiece of .. well, compilation of thoughts. Hmm, you should be honored that I'm letting you into a small part of my gigantic over-thinking mind.

It surprises me that my blog still has got steady visitors everyday despite the serious lack of updates. Even it's not an impressive figure, it's still nice to know that people come by every now and then. Even it's just some random links that brought them here.

Bedtime. I don't fancy impressing my interviewers by falling asleep halfway through the interview.

p/s: I'd rather put up a good show and let the world thinks that I'm okay than making myself look seriously pathetic.


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