Thursday, April 21, 2011

of normal and abnormal

Bonjour, earthlings !

Along with three other girl guides and our advisor, we went to SMK Taman Tasik at Ampang. Weird. I was brought up in Ampang, travelling all the way with my "combats" in the teachers car to Ampang feels different.. haha ! We had some activities with the Disabled or locally known as Orang Kurang Upaya ! (yes ! that school has a block mainly for the OKUs !)

#Nevin Prasad

He was the OKU my group had to take care of. He looks normal right ??! He IS in fact normal, physically. We think he has mild autism because, he rarely answers our questions despite we tried so hard to make him chat with us ! Worrying that we might frighten him, we asked if he likes us and he said YES ! =)

The activity the school organised for us and the OKU was station games ! We had to make sandwich, wrap gifts, do some coloring and origami flowers with them. This boy, he was so cute and nice but quiet though.. ! At least, he listens to us and occasionally tells us about how he felt. And he smiles very sweetly too.

After the activity, they had a public speaking competition. Honestly, this was the first time i participated any public speaking competition and we only had two days to prepare. I was trembling like no body's business during the prepared speech and i totally screwed up the impromptu speech and ended up 2nd place..oh well, that's okay right, for first timer.. haha !

I'm really devastated with the school's form six student council lately. Alright, maybe devastated being the word used ain't appropriate, well.. frustrated ? For me, i personally detected discrimination towards the art stream students, especially A and B class.

It has been like that not long after school started, i sucked it up since it's the norm. But when i found out that the Assistant Secretary of the council was kicked out because he ditched the activities organised by the council, i was pissed. He's my classmate and he ditched for some reasons ! He ditched only twice, and they kicked him replacing him with a new girl ! Okay, i certainly have no problem with that new girl. I like her, she's a sweet girl. But the fact that they replaced the assistant secretary with her is so unfair to the others.

Excluding those minor committee members, all major committee members gave a speech to be elected. And our seniors were still here to vote too. There are so many committees in the student council, why bring in someone and straight away give her such a post ? And kicking out the AS is really ridiculous. His reasons are all valid. Besides, he's not the only one who ditches the activities.

Next, orientation day for the coming juniors. I feel like shouting when i was informed that NO science stream students are involved and MY class alone need to ditch classes to duty for two frigging days. Reason given : Science students have practicals, they can't afford to miss classes. Hello ! Exam is like just around the corner, they need to get good results, we don't need ? Yeah, i forgot, they are all future doctors, engineers so AND so ! We're just some stupid lawyers-to-be, accountants-to-be, etc. And in the end, if Art stream's results decline for the mid-term exam, everyone will blame us ! What the heck ?! You guys have practicals like our classes are not important. How is this fair ?!

Last but not least, stop complaining that students from our class did not attend meetings or pay for the graduation. Have you ever try walking around in our shoes before ?!



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