Sunday, April 10, 2011

of occasional complains and whatsoever

Went to a shoe festival at PWTC with family today. Upon entering the exhibition hall, there was this grand stage which was Jimmy Choo's booth ! Really grand since he was standing there taking photos with a group of ladies. My sister was totally into this shoe festival that she bought 3 pairs of shoes from the fest. I had some fun looking at stuff while they were shoe hunting : I was totally not in the mood for shopping not to mention hunting for the perfect shoes in the midst of shopaholics ! OTL.

Will post some photos in the next blog post about the "fun" i had.

I guess i have been super emotional lately. I literally spent two nights and one morning crying like no body's business. Really. I'm not those kind of girl that blame around about how my life sucks so and so. But there is time when you want to blame the world because life is being a totally awful bitch to you no ? In addition to monthly hormone imbalance, so yeah .. I even sulk around at my parents for no reason, well not exactly NO reason.. OTL.

It's just that, i have this feeling that i'm going through the very same thing a second time. The first time, i was a kid. And i don't really give a damn about anything so i just got pass it quite easily. But this time, i am no more a kid and summing up the first time experience, i got more frustrated with .. everything ! Like, why do things have to be this way ? Why do life have to be so ridiculous.

I guess crying is good, crying allows your feelings to pour out along with the tears .. LOL. At least, i think, crying prevents me from depression. Haha .. But i guess the "virus" is not completely cleared out yet, I'm like a time bomb now, anything can trigger it to explode.

#tearing up with the lyrics too

If healing starts after a downpour style of crying, then i might as well begin healing myself now .. ! 

I'm a fool, I know that .. but i still ...

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