Thursday, April 7, 2011

of thorns and thoughts


Sometimes, what seems to be harmless harms you the most ..

I had my MUET speaking on Monday. The previous night was rather restless, with tosses and turnings ! To be exact, i wasn't really nervous. It was just that my mind refused to go into rest mode. My group members and I did some last minute practice right before the test, i think group discussion was fun.

The other day, i was reading the March's edition of National Geographic magazine. I came across with the world population issue. It was said that the earth's population will reach 7 billion people in this year. 7 billion. 7,000,000,000 ! 9 zeros. If you're to count to 7 billion without losing your place, it would take more than two centuries. 

This simple yet very true fact fascinated me. I counted how long 7 billion seconds take. Approximately 221 years. Who can live up to 7 billion seconds ? Things around us, if we pay close attention, it's very fascinating. Like the photo i took above. 

I saw this cactus during one of the shopping trip with my mother at a near by hypermarket. The thorns immediately deter anyone to touch it. But if you look closely at the thorns. They are not sharp, i touched them, stroked them and they remind me of furry things. Safe. But the very much favored rose ? Bites you when you think its beautiful and attracting .. mercilessly ! I guess it hurts more than anything because you didn't expect it coming. 



p/s : in case my blog is giving out overloading of negative auras, neutralize it with the Joker of the Month =p

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