Monday, February 14, 2011

of chocolates and roses

It's 14 of February, Valentine's day ! To singles like me, it's just another day unless this day changes your status from being single to in a relationship, heh ! But to those who are actually celebrating Valentine's Day, don't you think it's the day or season where you have to spend loads of money ? The roses and chocolates are more expensive and restaurants are crowded too..

Sigh, i'm not in love or in a relationship, so i can say like that...haha ! Anyways, the interact club of my school was selling roses at 5 ringgit per stalk and the girl guides were selling chocolates ! Very valentine indeed ! =)

One of my friend ordered 8 stalk of roses and i was wondering why. He told me he will prepare the 9th himself. This morning, he brought a fake rose and added it in the middle of the bouquet of 8 roses. I thought it was silly given that the fake rose is kind of ugly. But when i found out the meaning, it turns every feeling about that ugly fake rose until the last stalk dies ! I know it's freaking lame, but i think it's soooo sweet ! heh...

#took this in the bus, that's why blur. *spot the fake rose*

I was kind of tired in class today. I literally slept in most of the classes except from MUET..OTL ! But after school, my friends decided that we have "lou sang" at Sushi King to "celebrate" the single day ! Hahaha .. 

#we ordered the large one and it was cheap !

#it was freaking delicious !(weird though, having lousang for valentine's day)

Hmmm...even looking at the picutres now, i'm craving for it's nice ! We sat away from the rotating bar when we had this, after finishing the "lousang", we requested to move our seats to the rotating bar...heh ! Even though Sushi King is not the best place for Japanese cuisine and sushis, it's the nearest and easiest for us around this Kajang, temporarily satisfied my sashimi and sushi cravings ! =D

Apart from this so called celebration, my junior gave me a bar of toblerone chocolate. He slipped a hand-written note into it too !
#tahahaha..the note !

I purposely took it blurly so that you can't read what's written in it !! It's sweating ! He called me a kind RABBIT-looking girl !  haha.. he's such a nice friend and great junior =) though a bit sentimental...haha !

I didn't take any photos of the chocolate because it literally melted into liquid form when i got home ! OTL 

I've been laughing so hard since last Friday day that my laugh nerves are now easily triggered and hard to stop !! super OTL ! 

However, tomorrow is a public holiday and i'm kinda forced to go back to my hometown at Bentong ! I heard that it's super duper ultra dirty ! I'm 100% sure that i'll start scratching like a monkey when i sit down ! Ugh ! God, i pray to you that you make the visit short !!!

Hmmm...i guess that's all for today..hee ! Happy Valentine's Day peeps !!!!!

Lotsa love,


#footnote : Never take a person for granted. Hold every person close to our heart cause we might wake up one day and realize that we've lost a diamond while we were too busy collecting stones.


  1. You went Lou sang at sushi king!!!! :'(

  2. LOL...yeah ! it was freaking nice and delicious =D

  3. The guy is so sweet, I didn't know there is such meaning too! :D I think everyday is Valentine's day also HAHA

  4. aww mich got chocolate for vday!<3
    happie vday mich!! miss u guyss

  5. @hilda : haha, you're right =D

    @JJ : owwwww...thx !!!!!! miss you too! muacks muacks


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