Tuesday, February 1, 2011

it's raining

#photo taken: A rainy day at KHS 2010

it's raining outside
the serene noise of the pouring rain
a sweet rhythm that follows by the chill in the air
with the soft scribbling noise of ball pen against paper
i am sitting here, sending my mind away
stealing some time to torture myself
with a distant heart

it's raining outside
the comforting smell of the dampen earth
a delicate scent that stays temporarily in the air
with the low humming whispers of relaxed students
i am standing here, my senses taking full control
feelings clutching my erratic heart
with a mind that wanders off too far

it's raining outside
the breeze simply brushes by
leaving me shivering with a mind
thinking of you.

#footnote : was flipping through my journal or rather, notebook and found this left out "poem" dated back on 6 of January. 
It's first of February, two more sleeps away from Chinese New Year..this CNY break is so short ! I need more time to settle my feelings and my school stuff. Sigh. One word to describe my current feelings : L.O.S.T.


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