Tuesday, February 8, 2011

of dinner with family and a visit from the unknown

Last Sunday which was also the fourth day of CNY, i had dinner with mummy, daddy, my sisters and also my brother in law ! And of course my nephew ! Ohh, it was such a long time since i last saw him. He's so big now that he looks more and more like my brother in law !

#cute ? that's nicky and my brother in law !

#nicholas in red !

#photos taken  by : Labelle

He's the king in my family now ! Whenever my sister scold him or punish him, he'll get my dad, his grandfather ! The new devil ! I simply love his smile ! He has two dimples and looks so sweet whenever he smiles ! Chubby little boy..=)

Like I've said in my previous post, i'm being born in a traditional Chinese-Taoism family. Most Chinese know about this tradition that when someone passed away, there will be a certain night where the spirit will pay the livings a visit. 

Last night was the night my beloved grandmother's "visit" night. Maybe you'll think that all these are superstitious. Before last night, i thought that this "visit" is just a ceremony thingy, just for the sake of culture practices. Despite this thought, i was scared after hearing tonnes of rumors about this "visit". 

The sifu told us that she will be coming back at 9 o'clock at night and leave at 1 o'clock in the morning. We have to prepare everything(food and some other stuff) before 8.45 and retreat to our rooms and never leave it. Apart from being chicken, my sister and i slept with my parents so that we can use their toilet without having to leave our rooms. I'm not going into details about what happened last night to freak readers out. But after last night, i'm pretty sure that those are not merely rumors.

By the way, class started this week and i realize i've once again lost my study mood ! I feel like i left out a lot of syllabus ! As for my research and development, i'm being assigned to the most perfect teacher you can ever get ! When everyone is almost done, my group did nothing, not even one successful meeting so far and the deadline is this month ! OTL 





  1. I can actually feel my goosebumps while reading yr post, but I want to know the details. I didn't there is such 'visit' after one deceased! :O

  2. Hilda : knowing the details ? =X it's kinda creepy to me !

  3. you should tell us bout the details!!


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