Friday, February 18, 2011

of my tiring life and lacking of motivation

i feel so tired these days. or maybe these few days ! i've been sitting in front of the computer since Monday looking for Malacca attractions and calling up home-stay owners and bus drivers. It's not really that much of a work actually, but i really feel tired. And i still have a research and develop report that is reaching its deadline ! Gosh, why did i continue studying AGAIN ? i dont even have the mood and time for my studies ! OTL

I feel helpless or even useless, i don't feel that what i'm doing is sufficient, i keep wanting to do more and to do better. I feel restless, until everything is perfectly in order, i will still have that feeling haunting me !

i've been listening to this song over and over cause it cheers me up a lil bit ! Katy Perry's version is nicer, but Lea's not bad too ! =P

The world is turning in such a rapid pace that i doubt that i will be able to catch up with it. When i have the time to sit down and look around me, everything is so different from what i used to know. How many time in life that one has to bear in mind that things change and time flies like no body's business ? The upcoming test is  like less than two weeks away..but i still can't find my pressure button to turn the pressure on..! 

i just realize that, my world doesn't even follows the normal axis like the universe, i guess this is why i am weird.

I used to hate katy perry because of I kiss a Girl..But this song is really motivating in to my friend, JJ !

#photo credited to : Andy Yeap (purposely take it from his blog with his watermark =P)

Maybe you're the reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road
Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it's time, you'll know

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July

'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, oh
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colors burst
Make 'em go, oh
You're gonna leave 'em falling down
Brutally jotted down by,


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