Wednesday, February 23, 2011

of endings and beginnings

i know. i should be in class now having MUET. but i'm not. Before every thought slip away from my "feeble" mind, i might as well just store it here, in my external memory blog.

23rd of February 2011...

Another ordinary Wednesday, another dull routine of life perhaps ? But to me, it's an ending. Ending to a certain period in life which i have no name to label it. My family and i woke up early today. We sent our Cambodian maid to the LCC terminal to board the plane that brings her back the her original home. On the way to the airport, to be honest, i hope for only one thing, she can stay here. The urge to hold on to that very moment never cease until we leave the airport. She has been living with us for two years, taking care of my grandmother and helping my mother out with the house chores. She has become a part of the family, a familiar pattern of life that includes her.

My grandmother passed away and now that the maid left, it's like everything is back to how it used to be before my grandmother came. But i don't need anyone to tell me to know and understand the fact that nothing will ever be the same ever again. Changes. Unavoidable. Move on. Life.

When the stroke took every single freedom away from my grandmother and she had to stay with my family and the family hired a Cambodian maid that will live in my house, i used to think that these two new members are some kind of intruders. But when time passes by, you fall into a familiar pattern and they blend in to that pattern. This is like one of the chapter of my life and the title of this chapter might be Grandmother and Maid. And the full stop to this very chapter indicates the beginning of a brand new chapter.

Every ending is also a beginning. 

#photo taken at Kajang High School

I caught this on my way to meet a junior of mine at the opposite block at KHS. Photography captures and freezes every moment you love. You relive that precise moment every time you look at it. And my hope at this precise moment is that my maid will reach her home safely and be shielded from miseries and sadness. 

Fate brought us together and i have a feeling that it will bring us together again. One day...

Till then, it's memories that keep feelings alive and to begin the all new chapter...

With love,


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