Wednesday, March 2, 2011

of uncertainties and discoloration

perhaps a round of applause first ? It has been a few days already or maybe two days to be accurate that i did not log in to my facebook or even turn on the computer ! wait..why do i sound like a facebook addict ? Alright.

I guess i have been "super damn" emo like one of my friends called me. Maybe the stuff i posted in facebook strongly suggested that i'm emo. My sister and my friends were bombarding me with concerns and asking what's up with me. I kept my mouth shut. I'm sorry if i got you guys worrying me or even freaked you guys out. Sorry okay ?*hugs* Well, let me clear things out.

Whether you believe it or not, the test contributed somewhat like 60% of my emo-ness. Yeah. Go ahead and laugh..of all the things that contributed to my emoness is a stupid test. So not me !! I don't know, the STPM results for my senior's batch were out and teachers are telling us their grades which pretty much freaked the hell out of me. Four flats somehow become harder than i initially thought of ! And the worst part is, my teacher told me that USM is now(just in case you don't know what is USM and die die want to know...GOOGLE it ! =,=) the top university of the five u's ! Which means, they have the rights to choose students. Minimum requirement to enter that bloody university is 3.5 !!!! Hello, frigging 3.5 ! That means, the minimum mark of each paper must be at LEAST 87.5 ! 

Well, my classmates told me they don't look at the marks, only the grades, but i was thinking, if you don't look at the marks, how do you get the grades ? Wondering why am i aiming for USM ? It's the best university for journalism in Malaysia or so they said. It has nothing to do with what Nan said the housewife reason ! Not anymore, cause i don't give a damn about it anymore. 

The remaining of 40% of emo-ness is something else i don't feel like talking about and don't know how to talk about. That one, i'll let time do its job. Just don't worry about me. Really, it's just some silly and pretty stupid stuff ! You know, it's weird, life IS weird. You don't tell your problems out because you don't want people to worry for you..but even if you keep your mouth shut, they'll still worry bout' you. No difference..Sigh.

I guess it's time to bring back some colors to my life, mentally i mean..cause' i still can't wear colorful clothes, so literally, my life is still in black and white..

Cut out tomorrow, there's still one day to go until the stupid test ends ! This post was meant to be short, but it ended up so long with my ramblings ! Thumbs up if you read till the end..haha ! 

Till my next post then..<3

Lotsa love,


p/s : thank you so much for all your concerns ! *hugs* 

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  1. bagos! no more housewife reason =D


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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