Saturday, March 26, 2011

in need of this and that

Hoola hoola !

I was wondering if i ever mentioned that i've recently fallen in love with coffee. I was never a fan of coffee. I used to dislike the taste and the smell ! But recently, i begin to like coffee ! Hmm.. i don't know why, but maybe it's because of the lame theory about people changing so and so .. So, yeah ! I'm officially declaring my latest liking of coffee here in my blog .. OTL

#this is of course not my first cup of coffee .. like d-uh !
This is a yummilicious cup of white coffee from a stall near my area ! It's crazily awesome .. =) It tasted like cappuccino ! Heh ..

You realize i edited this photo with a very lomo-ish effect... ? *evil smile* Hehehehe .. I want a lomo camera so dang much .. sigh ! And i'm still debating whether to get a ...

#photo taken from : lomo-crewz
Not the doll of course, but this NeinGrenze 5000 T !!! or ...

#photos taken from : google
This is a Polaroid CAMERA using cheap polaroid films !!!! ohhhh... isn't it adorable ???!!! >< It's too adorable i'm gonna DIEEEE !!!

Okay .. enough of my wantings..

I'm still saving money for either ! T__T any advance birthday money-giving are welcome and if you're considering getting the very nice me a birthday gift, convert it to cash instead.. just saying .. OTL

Do you still remember one of my recent post about hope letters to Japan ? Well, i came across with this guy(a very famous one indeed) that did something so meaningful that it captivated lots of attention .. You know who i'm talking bout ?

yes, i'm talking about him ..

Ryan Higa - #honkforjapan

And this people in Japan definitely found out what he did for them because this very video was on a Japanese news ! =) Congrats to Ryan ! 

It has been awful lately, what with disasters here and there and war being launched at Libiya just to capture one person ! Prayers are needed everywhere .. if you can't donate or whatsoever, pray for them .. ! 

Another story in my life goes this way : April's MUET is just around the corner and my class haven't even begin on group discussion, but the teacher briefed those who are taking this test la.. >< I'm a bit scared !! Sigh .. 

Lotsa love, 


p/s : i'm glad my blog is a very personalized blog with scattered bits about my life instead of a dictionary blog =P

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