Tuesday, March 29, 2011

of cupcakes and test

Hoola !

Yesterday was a friend's birthday. Uhmm.. felt kind of guilty because i didn't know until the others told me. Fail ! Well, anyway, we bought a box of custom designed cupcakes for her. It's crazy delicious ! =D

#cupcakes from Vanilla <3

#custom designed cupcakes !

#this is mine, a gift box cupcake =)

#still mine XD

#both mine...heh

It's really tasty, but the icing is kinda oily, though ! It was my friend's idea to get the cupcakes, umm..i pay only ! Haha.. but anyway, using cupcakes for simple celebration is awesome ! Really.. you don't have to cut them like you cut a birthday cake and then clean up the mess birthday cakes usually leave. This is simple and fast and yummy and chaos-less ! XD 

But if we're celebrating OUTSIDE school grounds, chaos-less and simplicity is definitely out of the picture .. Heee !

Anyways, as mentioned in this post's title, the MUET mid-year paper is just around the corner, in this case, literally ! Next Monday is speaking test.. OMFG ! The school just issued the "tickets" to us yesterday morning. 
Must bring this along to sit for the exam. I need to pray hard that i won't in any case lost it or forget to bring it. For the speaking test on Monday, i'm glad that they grouped me into the same group with my class' monitor. He speaks well. The other two candidates are from the next class and one of them is my friend .. TEEHEE ! Hopefully everything will be okay ! My teacher told us that we'll be doing reading,writing and listening one shot on Saturday. It must be crazily exhausting ! 

#see.. this is what i do when i'm forced to attend boring workshops !

Lol..I ditched school today and planned to study, they were having this study group workshop for us. I know better than to waste my time sitting in the library, study group simply don't work for me ! *shrugs* But my study plan failed ! My mother dragged me to the wet market(the big one in KL) this morning .. Sigh !(fail reason, i know !) Maybe will be ditching Thursday too. Haha.

Till then. 

Lotsa love,



  1. eh..the cupcakes are so cute...I wonder if they are nice?...

  2. it's awesome ! it tasted very good =D

  3. The cupcakes look nice!!! Creative !

    Hopefully we can do well in MUET!


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