Friday, March 4, 2011


i wanted to blog about Earth Hour like how i did about the Pay It Forward Cause but reckon i'll need to go all over the net to drive people in to read it and i'm really not in the mood, so..allow me to be selfish this time. all i want to do is..idk, rant about stuff that no one will understand ? So, to make your life easier, you can really just move your cursor to the corner of this window with the pretty X and click it without mercy !

the test is over..but, honestly, there's nothing worth feeling free about. basically, it's just the beginning of the real war cum nightmare cum disaster cum tragedy, you decide. this test, overall was okay except from my general knowledge, don't ask me what happen because i don't even know what the hell is wrong with myself.

#i suppose this explains a lot huh ?

seriously people, anyone kind enough to just take it away please !

the first time i have this feeling that having a beating feeling heart is not really that lucky ! aww...shucks, what about coloring up my life like i said earlier.. ?  
i really wish i could be a bit more persistent with my decisions and just cut every unwanted emotions and feelings out ! Ughhhh ! and honestly, i miss that empty feeling so dang much.

by the way, i don't remember when but i have received the letter from The National Transplant Center to confirm my pledging. I've been planning to blog about it since my 18th birthday but, i don't know why, it has been delayed hitherto. Will probably do it ASAP or when i got the mood. OTL since the test is over and the semester break is just around the corner, i'll slack for..say..two days ? heh..PLL ! <3 But honestly, i'm dying to go out for a break, emotionally or whatsoever..but.. I. WILL. SURVIVE. THIS. 

sigh, you just don't understand and you never will...

Lesson learnt 101 : no use hanging on some dangling branches, you'll fall one day or the other - only harder.

Mercilessly killed,


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