Sunday, March 6, 2011

of Sam Tsui and his covers

ohh ammm geee ! i'm so in love now ! i'll tell you why..(WARNING : this is a post crammed with videos of song covers !)

This guy is simply just so awesome and amazing, he has this good voice..*envy* and his covers are like, cool !

this is the first song cover that i came to know about Sam Tsui !

When i saw this video, i was guy is cool ! And that was it..but recently, someone posted a video of his cover for Britney Spears Hold it Against Me.

i love this version of Hold it Against Me just so dang much ! =)

Maybe many people out there loath him(for WHAT ??) but i really think that he's awesome and amazing ! At least, he can sing and his videos are nice to watch too ! After watching this video, i love this song so much ! Heh..

but this is the song that he had me..XD a remix of MJ's song ! this is just so dang cool ! 

next is my latest EXPLOSION medley (CAUTION ! Contains : firework, grenade, dynamite)

my heart exploded with his voice...XDXD and guess what ? I downloaded it !!! weee !

*tears*  a all new feeling for me about this song..(too emo recently, sorry !)

and this is so touching ! i've always love Imagine and he had me falling in love with this song again ! <3 tell me, how can i not fall in love with him..weeee ! i wanna sing...sing...sing !(better not..)  He can sing so well and i'm now wondering why isn't he in any of the GLEE episodes ? Well, i think it's only a matter of time !!! tee hee.. ! 

-rants starts here(you can leave now..heh)-

i begun to think that, oh..i should have gone to Mid Valley with my friends on Saturday.. ! why on earth i canceled that plan just because..ewww ! I missed the expo and the chance to have a look at my darling..sigh. But despite i ditched my friends, he still took a photo of my darling for me..kinda touch..LOL....XD

hmmm...i'm planning a visit to Mid Valley during the one week semester break that's just around the corner with myself since Nan is not free ! I might just catch a movie, hang around in MPH and grab a cup of mocha..
Ahhh.. tempting, very tempting ! Only if i can convince my mother to let me go alone.. =) pray for me, readers !

Anyways, since the one week break is so dang near, this coming week must be a personal hell for have to study and attend class and...worst of all...RESULTS ! aww...shucks ! I will survive this like i survived so many other stuff =)

Like my bestie said, i'm awesome in my own way and there'll be someone to go crazy about me one day..though she's exaggerating..but..owhh..she actually touched me and pushed me forward. Seriously, apart from my family members, what will be of me without her in my life.. ? Thankie thankie !! 

Lotsa love,


p/s : Getting use to certain absence..

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