Sunday, March 13, 2011

of a little this and that

It's Sunday and guess what, the beginning of the first semester break ! Yoohoo ! Guys out there, you can date me now !! LOL.. Honestly, though it's a break but the holiday is kinda pack with lotsa assignments and the research and develop report too. Sigh ! But the highlight of the whole holiday is a visit to Mummy's place by the end of the week.. haha..the end of the holiday too ! OTL

#darken sky

this is the piece of sky out side my house, random shot ! I really think it would have been better without that wire or whatever you call it there.

Yesterday was the day we had a kind of big ceremony for my grandmother - some Chinese's tradition/law/custom..etc. It was raining though.. Anyways, went to The Mines and Jusco Cheras Selatan with my family just now.

My parents had their first Subway sandwiches at The Mines..Like everyone or almost everyone, their first Subway sandwich were candid and epic..haha..clumsy laa ! I lazy wanna take photo of their look eating the sandwich, hopefully you guys can imagine it !  We went The Mines because my sister needed to buy a luggage for her job trip. Her company is having this expo thingy at Guangzhou, China that wants her to tag along. She's now packing for the one week trip in her please !! (p/s : You can now get anything as a souvenir for your friends as long as it is marked MADE IN CHINA...XD)

And then we dropped by Jusco and my parents bought this ladygaga ladyship essence extractor which is actually a bloody high-tech juice/food blender. It can blend whatever you put inside including orange or lemon along with the skin !
#essence extractor
My mother(me too actually..heh) is kinda excited to try out this blender that can literally blend anything into liquid form ! It seems to me that my mother is gonna liquefy our breakfast ! I hope she won't liquefy our dinner too ... OTL yucksss !

Sam was the one who exposed me to photography and digital-slrs ! Explaining all the shutter and lens stuff to me.. And i was then falling in love with this ability to preserve precious moments in a shot..But due the my total random-ness, I love lomography !!!! Haha..i came across with a blog that sells lomo cameras online ! I'm so dead and is wanting a lomo camera so dang much !!!!! T___T sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh !!! perhaps a Minimo-X or NG5000T ??? wahhh ! i want one please ! this is an epic tragedy...

To be honest, this update was supposed to be my thoughts about the latest disaster at Japan.. I watched the raw videos of the catastrophe, it was devastating.. at their homes and my heart. And the news just now was about videos of the disaster that spread through youtube and the web. The most devastating part of this whole thing is, i can't believe that they're human being out there that think Japan deserve this ! Despite what happened during world war two, it's already history.. ! My prayers goes to the victims of this disaster. God bless them.

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