Tuesday, March 22, 2011

of being emo and regrets

on the way home, i was chatting away with a junior of mine. we talked about regrets .. ! specifically regretting knowing someone in our life. i told him, i have no regrets in that aspect. 

i somehow think that, everything happens for a certain reason and it only happens in one way. that pretty much explains why "if" doesn't really exist. that applies to people i meet in my life too. you meet one person at a time, and that's the only person you will meet in one way or the other. that person exist in your life for a certain reason, no matter how small that reason can be. hitherto, i never regretted knowing a person in my life. not really. but there are, of course, time when i would think, what if i never know this person ? that's just a thought. 

i don't know why, fatigue found me, through my feelings and also physically .. feeling so emo recently ! and guess what, i hate this feeling .. can you please take it away ? just this time ?



p/s : and yes, i never regretted knowing you, too.

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