Friday, February 4, 2011

of a quiet chinese new year

First of all, i changed my header again...! Since i have no place to go on the first day of the grand Chinese New Year, i decided to change my header again ! But this time, it only took me less than 20 minutes.. whatever.. !

#this is my old header

When i gloriously show my sister my new header, she told me the old one was nicer...OTL..
But i personally like the new one...I'm growing to like peach..instead of the ultimate girl colour - pink !

This CNY is really boring since my family and i cannot visit other relatives' house (in case you don't know why, my grandmother just passed away a week before CNY). Well, only i'm bored cause' my siblings all went for outings with their friends.. It's weird, all my friends are going back to their hometown this year.. =X So, i was literally rotting at home on the first day of CNY.

But the second day- today.. i went for a movie with my family, bringing along my Cambodian maid... My parents sleep early so we chose to watch the afternoon session of All's Well Ends Well..(the english name of this movie is tongue twisting). The hall was surprisingly quite full.

It's a romantic comedy about make ups by Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Cecelia Cheung, Carina Lau and Chapman To. Maybe I expected too much of this movie.. or maybe it has been a long time since i last watched a hong kong comedy(i just watched one last night though...). I found that Hong Kong comedies nowadays doesn't really have any strong points. But overall it's funny laa. In case you haven't watch, what i'm about to say is gonna be a spoiler to you.. I like the part where Donnie Yen actually showed his Ip Man kungfu skills through making up for a bunch of aunties !

And the next part i like the most is Chapman To performing the above "song" in the form of a woman..My sister and i seriously laughed our heads off !!! But i seriously don't know the real meaning behind this "song" ! 

Okay, here comes my most-loved part : "The best cosmetic in this world is confidence !" Louis Koo. I can't agree more with him ! The best quote of this movie ! This movie is funny if you want a laugh ! And loads of celebrity guess-starring in it...Overall, worth watching ... =)

Took some photos at the mall..out of boredom, really...heh..

#red lantern

#mini "chinatown"



#letterings that i dont really und...=X

Most of the flowers or i guess all the flowers are fake actually...^^" but hell, it looks real no ? 

My usual way of celebrating CNY was going back to my hometown at Bentong, that was ancient ! I don't really remember when was the last time my family and i went back for CNY since my grandmother lives with us. Now that she's gone, i doubt we will go back anymore like we used to. Another way will be going back to my mum's place ! That's the common one. The first 3 days would be spent with family visiting relatives, after that would be outings with friends. But CNY break used to be long, this year's short ! (thx god !)
Being born in a traditionally chinese-taoism family, there are "pantang-larangs" that we must follow. And i guess this must be the first the CNY that i am allow to wear black and also wash my hair on the first day of CNY because we are in the 100 days of mourning for my grandmother. No striking and warm color clothes. But there are exceptions - working, school..etc. Cutting hair in this 100 days is an ultimate and big NO NO ! Thus, this must be the longest length i've ever kept ! OTL

To those who are happily celebrating CNY out there, wish you all a great and prosperous rabbit year ! =) 

#glorious illustration by : Joshua Yap

My classmates were saying that i'm eating rabbit food and now my junior said i look like a rabbit...oh well...! Uhm... can rabbit be pretty ? heh !

Lotsa love,



  1. Nice new header (: Sorry about yr grandma, I just knew about it. I wanna watch all well ends well too )):

  2. @hilda : hehe..thanks ! no need to be sorry dear .. =)it's worth a laugh laa, that movie..=)

  3. still it's a chinese new wish you happy chinese new year my dear

  4. @anne thx sweetie =) same goes to you !

  5. Yes rabbits can be pretty!!

    And like i said in your chatbox, i love ur new header. so cute. colours kinda remind me of an apple for some reason. redish and green. hehe.

    And sorry bout your grandma. I'm not sure if my CNY tradition's the same as everyone else, but we invite ancestors back, right? I'm sure she was there with u all in spirit :)

  6. @charissa =) happy that u like it...=D

    hmm...i guess its different, we dont invite them back..


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