Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survival is a Dying Art

Initially, i wanted to name this post as of life hammer and car jack (you'll know about this later). But, i think the post title you now see is way better.

They were having some sort of exhibition about road safety in school today. They started the exhibition with talks in the hall. I can tell you that no one is really paying attention despite the one who was giving the speech is the founder of the Road Safety Department of Malaysia and also the one who got Malaysian to buckle up passenger's seat belts. (i didn't know too OTL).

But until a guy stood in front of the hall projecting images of the aftermaths of earthquakes, accidents and other disasters, the hall was almost silent. When he started to talk (he told off some random guy who didn't give a damn to pay attention), the whole hall was quiet. He's Captain Balasupramaniam or better known as Capt. Bala. He came to share his experience and and taught us the importance of surviving disasters or any form of accidents. And he introduced us to a small but life-saving device : Life Hammer !

#key chain version
#bigger hand-held version

To be honest, i didn't even know what is a life hammer before today !! But now i know. The small one, pink color one, it can cut seat belts and break windows in case of emergency ! The big one has an addition of SOS lights.

He told us how he saved lives using these small tools. During a car accident, the seat belts are not likely to release and its very hard to cut, but this little thing can do the job perfectly. And it breaks windows so that you can escape not only out of your car but also out of a burning building.

# a car jack

Capt. Bala explains to us that a car jack can also help save lives ! Not only to change tires but to help release casualties that are in anyways trapped between gaps or gates and so on.

That was a very short talk he gave but the most knowledgeable one ! Apart from this two tools (he's not a salesman laa !), he taught us on how to evaluate if a car that catches fire still can be save and what to do if you encounter a car that is about to explode but you there's no way you can run ! =) If only more Malaysians are to be exposed to this kind of speech, the accident and dying rate will be much lower..Because with all these knowledge, they won't just stop their car and WATCH what is going on instead of helping ! =,=

Graduates might be everywhere, but not all of them possess surviving skills ! Not even the basic ones.

Summing up all my babbles, Captain Bala's speech is pretty much appreciated ! And i added the life hammer to my Mich-List..hahahaha ! Wondering if i should make it as a gift to my family members too..LOL !

Had dinner with my family at Sri Petaling yesterday ! AWESOME ! And yes, it was with nicky too ! Hehe..

And whoops...the frequency of my posts is kinda bombarding no? Sigh...who cares...i SS only...=X

Lotsa love,


#Mana ada bala, di situ ada Bala =D


  1. yeah that bala guy is plain cool XD
    i want a life hammer too~

  2. life hammer quite cheap only, <$100.
    go get one.
    Ace hardware, DIY, etc...can find this.


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