Monday, October 18, 2010

and i miss...

Sitting in the morning class of History
Listening to the laughter of classmates and the teacher's voice
Everything seems so fine and ordinary
Just like the normal daily routine of the week
But something's obviously amiss
Because something's missing
Some feelings are gone
This ticklish sensation remains
And i miss the way we talk,
like we've known each other for six summers
And i miss the way you say "Tell me something i don't know about you",
like you're forbidding our conversation to reach its end
And i miss the way you tease,
like you're reading my mind, telling me that i'm wrong
And i miss your smiles and the way you care
The things you did and the things you said,
were once miraculously so significant
But time flies leaving memories behind
Like summer leaving without a word
Shredding every leaf with its hope
And it's cold but you'll never know.

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