Monday, October 18, 2010

Dr. Mahathir

lol. I just saw Mahathir in today's 8.00pm's news at 8tv. Well, he's old like my mother said. But, I like him. He was one of the great prime ministers Malaysia ever had. I don't really know him because I was just a kid when he "ruled". LOL. But he made that kid liked him and has been liking him ever since. Maybe it's because of the conversations between mummy and daddy about him or maybe it's because of the way he talks. I remember when I was a kid, I'll listen intently whenever he gives talks and interviews, so and so. Hehe... i think he's one of those people that makes others like him just like that. >< lol. The way he still appears in news to comment about our current and previous prime minister is somehow hilarious. Okayy, politics stops right here. LOL. Just wanna tell that I admire our Bapa Pemodenan! Not gonna condemn anyone or any other things. By the way, when I googled Mahathir, I found his blog and thought it would be nice to share is his blog. Nice one.

Sometimes, humans are simply funny in their own way! You knew someone is talking/writing or even singing about you but you'll still ask this question: Is that me you're talking about?>,< Well, basically, the answer you will be getting is: LOL. Don't perasan!(my version) Hehe. Weee....I found and downloaded some trial exam papers for my history and even printed some parts of it! See...I'm Oh gosh, I guess I've been updating my blog way too frequently. lolx.
=,=" my brother is so freaking annoying! He saw the way I edited the picture(the one for my current header) and he started bugging me to teach him how to do it! Ugh!!! He's so damn annoying! This is what he did. swt. I'm eighteen, it's okay to be "childish"! Besides, I'm a girl! But HE! A 21 year old GUY!!! Doing stuff like this! SWT la! Alright, lets burn the midnight oil together gether! LOL. Oh yeah, I've completed my proposal and gonna submit it tomorrow! Weeeee! Cheers!


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