Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh crap!

Crap! My speaker retired! After working with me for more than 5 years, it gave up on me...><" Such a TRAITOR!! I didn't even betray it when I saw a PINK one on SALE! Stupid, evil, useless speaker!! Praying that my keyboard won't follow its "brother"! My mouse should die, now, now...I don't have that much of money! LOL...

Alright, so, I have to try and survive without my speaker until (hopefully) this Sunday! Haiz! I'll have to study anyways, so I guess it's okay maybe, I've already burned some fav songs into cds, so and so. Well, hehe, I've got Mikha's MUET essay...He's MAD! LOL...If I could catch him online now, I would be bombarding him with questions and this post won't exist! LOL. After studying for history last night, I drafted a post in my note book! Unfortunately, I currently have no plans to post it here. I guess it's too...urgh...NVM, let's forget about it...LOL. Curious? Steal my note book la....BLEK! Oh...where did I stop before I started crapping? Oh, Mikha's MUET essay! LOL...Well, what can I say when even his teacher gave him such great comments? Hehe...I found myself a MUET tutor!!!Ngehehehehe~
Okay, crapping stops here, I guess...wanna type Yee Ling a letter...kinda lost contact with her and back to my homework!

p/s: In case you're reading this, Mikha, Thanks a lot...LOL you still owe me one more...muaha!


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  1. I'm mad? why? and the next time you're getting anything from me will be in God knows how many months =)

    and thanks btw. hahahaa.


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