Saturday, October 23, 2010

of wedding dinner and dengue

I love wedding dinner or any other family occasions(probably includes funerals?lol). It brings every relatives together and that's the time when you see how everyone changed and how they are, your relatives!

But the irony part is, through wedding dinners, you can actually spot Malaysians culture-mostly Chinese I suppose- not being on time! No matter how early you've mentioned the dinner would start in the invitation card. They still manage to arrive at 9 o'clock SHARP. Or maybe start arriving after 9 when the dinner was supposed to start at 7.30. Haiz...Malaysians.

The wedding dinner last night to say great, but I love the bride's wedding dress! Should have taken some photos! My family are relatives of the bride's side. She's my beloved uncle's only daughter. Some of her friends posted the wedding dinner's photos. I might just share it with you guys!
See...her dress! and her husband!

This is my auntie!

So yeah, she's the only daughter of my beloved uncle and now she is getting married. I'm sure my uncle must be smiling his usual smile up there! Uncle, I miss you! Her wedding ceremony will be held on the 30th of October. We might be attending...hopefully. Congrats, Jovi!

By now, you must be wondering what does a wedding dinner has anything to do with dengue? Hell, wedding dinner has nothing to do with dengue! Of course not.

But the thing is, the popularity of dengue is again on the rise! My sister had fever for more than 5 days. It was like on and off, on and off! Yesterday, was the fourth day, she was supposed to return to the clinic and had her blood checked. She refused. 

Our relatives insisted her to have her blood checked. So, my mother brought her to have her blood checked, so and so. And now, she's waiting to be admitted into KPJ , Kajang. Yeah, dengue! Wish to be there with her. She's kinda chicken in place like that! 

And to everyone who's reading this post! Please refer to your doctor ASAP if you're experiencing symptoms of dengue! Forget about stupid SPM! Forget about stupid STPM! Forget about stupid exams, school and work! Dengue is not a matter of joke! (Sounds like commercial><)

Praying hard of my dearest sis, god bless! 
am now waiting for my mother to come back and pack some clothes for her, then, i'll go with my mother!(hopefully)


p/s: really friends, take care and be careful!

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