Friday, October 29, 2010

extremely glad!

Oh my god! It's Friday, guys!! I can't believe the exam is almost...ALMOST...over! 3 more papers and i can do whatever ever ever ever I want! Weee....okay, this is what I drafted during the few days of exam when I didn't update my blog~ hehe...

26 Oct...
Crap! Just got home! The stupid KPJ took approximately 5 hours to complete my sister's discharging procedure! My mother sent me back first! HELL...i got exam the next day weh~ Very exhausted! Headache! Crap crap crap! I screwed up my History paper 1...>< I smartly went and studied something that did not come out! Feels like shit right now! T__T...Suffering from sore throat and feels like dying...15 minutes nap...zzZZZ

I think i'm having fever. I popped two paracetamol! (but it didn't work!)

27 Oct- 9.45p.m.
Went to see doc today--FLU! >< Thanks god I went through the two papers okay-ly...LOL. Having MUET 4 and PA 1 tomorrow. Pray hard, Mich!

28 Oct
Well, this is the coolest exam I had! I forgot to switch my phone to silent mode and in the middle of the exam, my phone rang, Mikha texted me..><...(hehe..yeah, gonna mention this wherever i go...kidding la!) The whole class turned and look at ME...hehehe~ paiseh paiseh...@.@ this is my ringtone~ friends said it's scary...but I like's cute to me! imagine this song ringing in the middle of the
Okay, so, like I said, THREE more papers left!!! Argh...! Can't wait...xD...Actually, I'm still having fever, IDK, the thermometer showed 38 then, i'm trying to sweat it all out and drink as much water as I can! >< the coughing is back and it's really annoying! T__T
So, today's BM Paper wouldn't say it's good..but hopefully it's okay...HOPEFULLY!
I just poked the thermometer into my mouth again to check my it me or is it the thermometer? It showed 37.5...>< argh! Tomorrow will be the upper sixes' graduation ceremony? it's at Bangi's Equatorial Hotel...Still debating whether to wear heels or ballerinas...! Any ideas? Awh...i have to reach KHS by 7.30 in the morning...! SWT...SWT...SWT...
And guess what my duty is tomorrow...collecting their robes...! Funney...!

Oh  yeah, I've added the the stalker thingy at the side of my make sure YOU follow MY blog! hehe!



  1. @ken: neh~ the follower lo~~~hehe

  2. where got scary! that is my favorite song leh XD

  3. where got scary! that is my favorite song leh XD


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