Sunday, October 17, 2010

friendster. facebook.

For some reasons, I logged in to my Friendster account. Quite surprise to see that some of my friends are still active at friendster! LOL. After getting what I wanted, i decided to cancel my account! it's weird, they use "cancel" instead of deactivate or delete. Hehe. They actually asked you which social sites you've transferred to... imagine the frequency of facebook and twitter appearing as the users answers! I viewed those old photos i posted at friendster too. Not much of a big difference, slightly, very slightly fatter only! LOL. it's fast the way people move on to other social sites. I remember facebook existed so long ago and all out of a sudden, it's popularity shot up to the max! sigh. Still wondering the reason i logged in to friendster? LOL. this is it...
LOL. This was something Ee Leng did for my sweet 16! Why she chose this photo...IDK. But I actually like it. Of all the glittering comments they posted for me, this is the one I love the most! Why? It's DIY stuff! LOL. Hehe, the size is a bit small, but enough for bookmark! lots of bookmarks to make! hehe...with all the cartoon versions of my friends and siblings and some awesome drawings of a friend(not you, Nan...LOL..your drawings too big laa), my books will be happy to receive such special bookmarks...Hehe!
And one more thing, LOL, I just love this new look of my blog so much. I know it's pretty simple and all but i just love the way it is now! And the songs it plays every time you load it! LOL. Alright, i guess, it's really time i return to my studies. I'm thinking about deactivating my facebook account for the time being. It's not that i'm addicted to its games and all, but i just can't help spamming walls. LMAO. hehehe...Okay, this post is way too long. Crappy aren't I? 


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