Monday, October 25, 2010

and the war begins

So, this week, exam starts officially! LOL. yeah. My first paper is History Paper 1 and it's tomorrow. I don't wanna claim that I've studied hard. In fact, I slacked a lot. I mean, the study mood was like on and off on and off. I guess SPM spoiled me. I'm so used to study last minute that any early preparations just won't register., this final exam last for approximately six days! I'm really lucky that it's not quite crammed as in a few papers per day. So...I still have some time to patch up for those subjects I neglected(i've been studying history AND only history). This, I suppose considered as last minute study eh...

Last week was such an eventful week! Wedding dinner and Fene with her dengue! The bright side is that, she's getting better and the doctor will discharge her tomorrow. Thanks god! But I think she somehow enjoyed some of her time there with the "sweetest" porridge in the world...LOL. Um...she's not that chicken after all...hehe...All of these sorta zapped most of my energy outta me! Um...I think something came up in my family-my father's side. My grandfather is really a troublemaker. Not only did he dumped my grandmother at our house without paying her visits but also creating troubles for almost everyone. He's really annoying.

Hey, have I introduce my nephew to you? LOL...nephew obsession...haha
Haha, isn't he cute? LOL...he resembles my sister at this point...but now...he started to have some traits from my BIL...he's chubby and cute! And very naughty too! I just love the way he smiles and his dimples! So freaking cute! Babies!!!! They're too adorable and so innocent! So, my sister participated this FB contest using this photo and if you're free or whatever...Please vote him okay? hehe...Just remember to like the page before you vote for him via this link. So, I've linked those required links to this post. You just have to click it. Convenient no? support ya...hehehe...! I'm trying to upload a video of him to youtube. But too slow...I'll post it here when I'm done uploading!

All the best to those who are sitting for exams! Whatever exams! Oh yeah, it's cold again...dampness always manage to screw my mood up...but most of the time, i like it...haha...Cheers!



  1. You have a youtube account? You didn't add me? ==

    lol you still have time to blog about how you're not studying? == ish go study laaaa

    My nephew <3


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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