Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm exhausted...emotionally and physically.

I just came back from my pacemaker follow-up at IJN. The girl who checked me up was the one who handled my surgery 3 years back. Whoa. It's been 3 years now eh? I didn't realize. Well. She didn't recognize me. But I did. Abigail. LOL. The doctor said, my little companion has 10 years of life span. Well, that, I did not expect! I mean, it's the third year, it should be 7 years left. Well, I told my mother, she said, probably some mistakes. Don't rely too much on it. Haih...god knows how much I wish it's true! I mean, going through another surgery!!! The thought of it is enough to freak me out! >< Why am I so chicken about it suddenly?

I still didn't receive any text from him. Today is...what? The third day? But he did something at facebook. I don't know what that was supposed to mean. Or...did it even meant anything at all? He admitted it! That's what came to my mind when the notification about him jumped out at me. Well, I guess I really need an emotional break. LOL...but how? Yesterday, I couldn't even look at my phone...the sight of it made me feel like crying..(no exaggerations here!) I'm just a typical emotional freak I's only 7 something and I feel sleepy. Fatigue owned me now. Not YOU!


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