Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Of guys, girls and random stuff

Phew…. It’s PMR and I’m on a week-long holiday. I’ve planned this week to be a study week. LOL. The first day, I’ve tried BM. I completed one of the tasks she gave. Still have an essay and one summary to complete. Planning to start my essay tonight. It’s easier for me to start writing at night. When the world seems to be in deep slumber, I like being alone. Studying or reading with the low humming noise of the air-cond. I feel belong and at peace. Night is the most comfortable time to me. Sometimes, I love holding back feelings during the day and release it at night. Weird right? Maybe it’s too hot during the day for me to feel anything at all! LOL.

Delicious gifts from maggie...hehe

Oh… There’s this junior I met at KHS. His name’s Joshua Yap. He’s nice and he’s cute. LOL. Maybe he’s brought up in a strong Christian family. He’s different from many guys his age I knew. The way he sees things and the way he thinks. Sometimes he gives me the feeling that he’s quite mature for his age. SOMETIMES. LOL. The only thing I dislike about him is, he reminded me of someone who ought to be outta my life. Someone that left a pretty deep scar in me. But the more I get to know Joshua, the less I see “him” in him. Funny!

Whoa, I called history in SPM hard. Compared to the stuff I have to go through now, I bet it’s a piece of cake! xD hehe…Haiz! This morning, I saw a status in FB saying that girl's mind are hard to understand. He said, they tend to turn round and round a point without touching it. But I really think that the problem here is GUYS are complicating stuff! What a girl wants is pretty simple. It’s you guys who fail to pay attention ended up complicating it and blame girls for being hard to understand. I came up with this theory. Guys, they start their everyday like a brand new story, a new book. Girls, it’s a new chapter with the same story in the same book. So, if you want to understand them, you have to follow the story from the beginning, not just the new chapter or any chapter you like.

Well, enough of crapping, here are some photo’s I uploaded to facebook and figured it would be nice here too….Enjoy….^^

Latest ME~~~hehe..pretty? LOL

More pics~


yummy delicacies!


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